About The Artist

The creative process has long been an intrinsic part of Gary Dates. Working as a professional musician since the 1970s, he spent decades performing, creating and producing music before he was ever exposed to photography and its inherent creative possibilities.

Though you will see portraits, natural phenomena and other more straightforward examples in his work, Gary’s passion lies in the conceptual, where he can draw upon his imagination and technical skills to compose unique and personal creations.

His work has received regional and global acclaim and featured in the Photo Review, Gallery 1401(Philadelphia), art629 (Asbury Park, NJ) and in over a dozen installations, juried exhibitions and digital galleries.

Gary’s work is often thematic (dolls), empowering (his series on the exploitation and empowerment of women) or enigmatic. But, ultimately, it is always the expression of his view of how the world is or how it should be.